Data Camp at the University of Michigan

Now in its seventh year, Data Camp trains U of M faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in tools for analyzing our web-mediated world. In one week you can go from not knowing what a command line is to parsing massive JSON files drawn from the Twitter API. (And yes by the end of camp you will know what that means!). Data Camp is free for members of the U of M community. No prior experience in coding required!

University Sponsors

Data Camp is possible thanks to the generous funding and resource support of the following sponsors.

LSA Computational Social Science Initiative at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems

Michigan Institute for Data Science

Data Camp Topics

Topics covered include the following:


Become a high skilled snake wrangler, and know your tuples from your lists.


Build a new relationship with this fundamental relational database language.

Master APIs

Learn how to download data from websites like Twitter using an API. Also, learn what API means!

Web Scraping

Use Beautiful Soup to extract large datasets from the interwebs.

Text Analysis

Using packages like NLTK and gensim, you will extract sentiment and signal from the noise.

Data Analysis

Pandas, Statsmodel, and Matplotlib will have you slicing and dicing data with speed.

Resources on GitHub

Resources for this year Big Data Camp as well as prior years can be found at the links below.

Contact and Questions

If you have any questions related to Data Camp, please reach out!

Contact: Jeffrey W. Lockhart